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Interactome: openfree site for knowledge exchange.

We welcome any of you to add and edit the contents of this portal.

What is interactome?

Human Interactome project will be the most important project after Genome and Proteome of human species. 

Misinteraction Disease theory

▣ Open and Collaborative Projects 
Human Interactome Project: Users are welcome to add and edit contents to compile human interaction molecular pairs. 

▣ Research Projects 
PSIMAP: the Structural Interactome Network map 
Interpare: the database server of psimap 
PEIMAP: the experimental interactome map 
The Human Interactome home page 
Comparative Interactomics home page 
Openfree Interactome Project
Interaction prediction reliability

▣ Interactome Classification 
Animal interactome 
Plant interactome 
Bacterial interactome 

Interactome Publication 
Comparative Interactomics | The atom of evolution 
Interactome Journal: "Interactomics Journal
BiO centre's publication list on interactomes. 
From Bioinformatics Journals: Interactome from BMC bioinformatics 

▣ External links about Interactome 
David Eisenberg group: DIP 
International Interactome Project 
Dr. Hiroshi Yanagawa's page 
Ipfam at Sanger Centre 
InteractPro (
Tony Pawson 
Vidal lab's 
Christos Ouzounis 
David Eisenberg 
DNA-protein Interaction DB (
Protein-NA interaction DB (
Protein Interaction Extraction Systems(PIES) 
Fly protein Interaction DB (
Sarah Teichmann video on protein interaction | Bvio | Biopedia | Interactomics | Biopeople | Bioinformatics